Gadianton Canyon, and a parallel universe break through

In May 1972, four girls were allegedly driving back to Southern Utah University after spending their Saturday at a rodeo in Pioche. While crossing the desolate Utah-Nevada state line at around 10:00 PM, they came upon a fork in the highway, where they veered to the left and began driving through Gadianton Canyon. Suddenly, the black pavement turned to white cement.

Believing they had simply taken a wrong turn, the girls headed back the way they came, but to their surprise, they were suddenly driving past grain fields and ponderosa pines with no desert in sight.They decided to stop at a roadside tavern to ask for directions but quickly changed their minds after one of the girls began screaming hysterically. Four egg-shaped vehicles mounted on tricycle wheels with bright lights shining from the top of them began speeding after them. The petrified girls sped back through the canyon as the white cement changed back to its normal black asphalt, leading them into the familiar desert. After wrecking in a creek, leaving them with three flat tires, they waited until morning to hike to Highway 56, where they flagged down an obviously skeptical state trooper.

As outlandish as their story seemed, the tire tracks they left are difficult to explain. The only tire tracks left by the girls’ Chevy ended abruptly only 200 meters (about 600 ft) into the desert, which leaves the mystery of how the girls ended up over 3 kilometers (2 mi) north of the highway with no physical evidence of their travels. The car was also missing a hubcap that was never located. Maybe it got lost somewhere in the Utah desert, or maybe it’s being displayed at a museum on the parallel Earth.