Burger King dresses as ghost of McDonald’s

The fast food chain decided to have a dig at its rival as part of its celebration of Halloween this year.
Draped in thin white sheets billowing in the early morning breeze, this branch of Burger King in Queens, New York might have appeared to be closed for construction work if it hadn’t been for a large pair of red eyes peering out from underneath the familiar yellow arch of the McDonald’s logo.

As it turns out, the restaurant has in fact ‘dressed up’ in time for Halloween as the ghost of its biggest rival – a tongue-in-cheek reference which has proven to be quite a hit online.

“BOOOOO! Just kidding,” the sign reads. “We still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.”

McDonald’s spokeswoman Terri Hickey however wasted no time in turning the jape around.

“Who wouldn’t want to masquerade as McDonald’s for Halloween when we are serving up treats like McCafe beverages, apple pies, and our World Famous Fries,” she said.